Co’ tu, re

This garment is a part of CO’TU,RE wardrobe of AVANA Vietnam, each creation is hand-crafted with a free spirit in mind. Each item tells an individual story, with no two pieces being exactly the same. The result is a wardrobe of rare and uniquely crafted high-end designs. CO’TU,RE brings international designers together, inspired by the Co Tu weavers from the nearby mountainous region in Vietnam. Our brocade woven trims are meticulously crafted, showcasing expert bead-weaving techniques, all intricately woven on a backstrap loom. Our garments are made in house and locally produced by local women. These close relationships we engender with our partners ensure quality control which allows us to perfect the minute details.

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Our gender-fluid garments seamlessly blend strength and sensuality. They possess a timeless and sleek quality, designed to be effortlessly worn by individuals of diverse shapes. Embracing a frill-free aesthetic, our clothing embodies the philosophy of slow living.
At AVANA Vietnam, we focus on the use of tribal black and white motifs, occasionally exploring eclectic color palettes. This distinctive approach showcases that sustainable fashion extends beyond the ordinary monochromatic spectrum, offering a vibrant and conscious expression of style.
As a zero waste fashion brand we focus on the design and production of clothing where all materials are utilized, and no fabric waste is generated. This sustainable approach minimizes environmental impact.

Nele then moved to Portugal in search of new design influences. And in 2010, SENNES, her brand that combines sustainable wool from Portugal with high-quality linen from Belgium , was born.