Showcasing my one off pieces in an inspiring room of art is all about the buying experience. Who am I to dictate what someone should wear?

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My collections offer the freedom to a gender neutral era. In my store, time is no factor. My customers can be free in their own world and play dress ups world of fashion. In that freedom of exploration, my clothing designs come to life.

Aldegonde Van Alsenoy, Founder and Creative Director of AVANA Vietnam.

Aldegonde Van Alsenoy aka Ava, founder and creative director of AVANA, embarked on her fashion journey with a mission to address the unemployment challenges faced by refugees in the outskirts of Antwerp.

From 1997 to 2006, in collaboration with textile designer Nele De Bock and a skilled team of six weavers, our founder led the weaving workshop known as BETET SKARA.
This dedicated team of weavers, including talented Assyrian refugees, crafted exquisite handwoven trimmings for renowned international designers, including names like Dries Van Noten, Haider Ackerman, and Christian ijnants.
Notably, in the year 2000, Betet Skara successfully launched its own accessory brand, making a significant mark in the Paris showrooms

In 2006, Ava relocated to Vietnam, and by 2012, Ava and Nele embarked on a transformative journey by reigniting a weaving design collaboration with the skilled COTU weavers in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Witnessing the mesmerizing bead weaving techniques of the COTU artisans, the designers found profound inspiration.

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In 2014, this inspiration materialized into the launch of CO’TU,RE—a cultural fashion collection that seamlessly blends contemporary design aesthetics with the intricate backstrap weaving technique of the COTU community. The result is a collection of rare and uniquely crafted high-end designs. Presently, CO’TU,RE is showcased at our Designer Boutique in the Old Town of Hoi An, Vietnam, and extends its reach across the country. Beyond borders, the collection makes its mark at various pop-up events throughout Europe and is conveniently available online, inviting a global audience to experience the artistry and cultural richness embedded in each creation.