the Art Residence

The pandemic led to a new direction for AVANA. This unexpected shift paved the way for collaborations across various artistic realms, including art, music, movement, and theatrical performances. Notable events such as the Lucent shows at the Concept store in Da Nang and the MADNest street festival at the Designer Store in Hoi An emerged as exciting outcomes of this newfound direction.

In 2021, Ava further expanded her engagement in artistic pursuits within her dedicated workspace, t.A.R.A. This multifaceted space encompasses a residence, studio, and workshop tailored for creative endeavors. A pivotal collaboration with REC Tour resulted in AVANA’s inaugural live music show, featuring a curated ensemble of live music artists and an improvisational movement piece by Trần Minh, the visionary founder of NHA Theater.

The creative journey continued as Minh from NHA Theater approached Ava for a collaborative space. Together, they transformed the photo studio into a versatile rehearsal space named Now-Here-After. This transformation incorporated the space’s existing objects and costumes, breathing new life into the artistic landscape.