AVANA dress Han Jae Suk and Kim Tuyen

Film Costume design for Paradise

Humbled last by the opportunity by designing outfits for the joint Korean & Vietnamese movie ‘Paradise. Starring Korean actor Han Yae Suk, Vietnamese actresses Ly Nha Ky and Kim Tuyen.
Movie director Park Hee Jun and  Nguyen Hoan Hanh Nhan have hand-selected the best actors and actresses in Vietnam and Korea today. 

AVANA had the superb opportunity to dress Han Jae Suk and other actresses such as Kim Tuyen.
AVANA took inspiration from the movie’s fascinating script using a color pallet and style to match each character’s role and movie set. A challenge at the start but the collection came together in a short time, successfully closing the design loop. A special thank you goes out to stylist Nguyen Jessica, collaborating with AVANA  through her remarkable talents. 


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